Help the pigs
Willow the Wanderer

Winter 2007

First reports were of an abandoned pig, starving and wandering the countryside in search of food. She was seen getting into garbage with angry people threatening to shoot her -would we help? There is no one else to call. No one cares?

We discover this pig may have been homeless for as long as 2 years!! She lived wild in the woods, always hungry, always in search of food.


After spending months homeless and hungry Willow finds safe shelter.

Willow exits the trailer
Judy introduces Willow to her new home.

The rescue was difficult. Willow (named after the trees growing abundant where she was found) was an expert at eluding capture, bolting through fencing to hide deep in the forest. She was fearful and leery of all human contact. It took 8 skilled people hours of work in knee-deep mud, putting up fencing and barriers to catch a strongly determined scared animal who would not cooperate.

What she did not know was that we were here to help. We love pigs. We know pigs and we would not give up on her until she was safe -out of harm's way at Pigs Peace Sanctuary.

Willow starts to explore
Willow starts to explore.

It was then the true work of the sanctuary began. The work of love. It is the hours and hours of moments of contact to reach beyond the fear. It is my deep and lasting commitment of love for each animal.

Helping a new frightened pig adjust to life at the sanctuary takes hours of moments of contact. I kept a journal of Willow's first week here.