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Hot Summer Days at the Sanctuary

These are scenes from a hot summer day at the sanctuary.

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Some of the pigs are up and out grazing in the meadow before 5am. By 6am, almost all of the pigs are out enjoying the cool morning as the sun rises above the treeline.

Sometime before noon they will retire for a nap during the heat of the day. Some seek out the shade of trees and tall grass while others head for the barns, which stay very cool on hot days.

At anytime during the day you will see pigs in the ponds. Some, like Patch, might spend the entire day enjoying a mud bath -though most will get into the pond long enough to cover themselves with mud -which both cools them down and protects their skin from sunburn.

When it starts to cool down they are up again and out enjoying the evening breeze. Some will head for bed as the sun sets while others will stay out through the dusk and not go to bed until dark.

There are those that keep a different schedule. Bubba, for example, is less heat tolerant than most and will take a longer nap in the day, but will get up around midnight and explore.

Kado, on the other hand, will often skip a nap and be the only one in the meadow during the hot afternoons.