Help the pigs

Winter 1997



Harley came to us as a youngster. At four months he had experienced eight different homes! He was confused, unsure of what was expected of him and no doubt wondering when he'd be passed on again. Now Harley never has to worry. He lives with many friends and is one of the pig ambassadors to the new pigs, making each one feel welcome.

Fall 1998

Recently Nathan took popcorn out into the pasture for the pigs. Far out in the pasture where the pigs were grazing, the only pig that saw him was Harley. Harley sauntered away from the group until he was behind some bushes and out of sight of the other pigs. He then took off at full speed to be the one and only pig eating the popcorn. If he had run directly away, all the others would have followed!

Harley's Valentine