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Summer 2003

Charlie checks out the new straw -July 2003

The frantic call came from an elderly woman who broke her hip and knew she could no longer go up and down the stairs to the basement to feed Charlie.

She loved her pig and through the years tried to give him the best home she could. Yet with all she could do the best still was a basement room in a home in Seattle. She cried when she said goodbye to Charlie fearing no one would ever love him as much as she did.

Before Charlie came here I was concerned that he would have difficulty adjusting. He is an older pig who hasn't seen another pig in years, or grass or sunshine. Would the transition be difficult?

To my amazement Charlie came out of the carrier into his new bed of fresh hay and walked right over to pigs Alyssa and Molly to greet them. He looked around and I swear I saw a smile on his face. When he realized this was his new home he was let out to explore the yard and we knew it was the most he had walked in years.

We welcome Charlie to a new life. A life in brightness with friends and freedom. And yes he will be loved, as all pigs at the sanctuary are loved… for a lifetime.


Summer 2009

Charlie has made many friends at the sanctuary. He is one of the senior pigs now and slowing down. He was living with the Special Needs group up until Fall 2008 when he and his friend Bubba moved to the yard. It wasn't much of a move. They still sleep in their same barn but the fencing around the barn was changed so that they now have access to the yard instead of the Special Needs pasture.

During the warmer weather many of the pigs will 'camp out' -picking spots outside of the barns to sleep at night. Bubba and Charlie picked a spot nestled under thick brush that's under a tree. They stay warm and dry even on the colder evenings when most of the other campers head indoors.

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Charlie in the yard by the gardens -Nov 2008
Charlie in the yard by the gardens