Help the pigs

Summer 1999

When I learned of Gingersnap's situation I was horrified. Here was a pig who had lived her life neglected and unwanted only to end up as a catch to buying a pickup truck for fifty dollars less.

She had been wrestled into a gunnysack where she spent two days and nights without food or water, traveling to a local bar offered as a free pet or to be butchered. When none of the fellow bar occupants took an interest to rescuing this terrified animal, she was dumped across the street in a mass of sticker bushes and dead trees.

Gingersnap found a way into the thick stand of blackberries. When I arrived I simply sat at the edge of the blackberries for hours, reading a book and giving her a chance to become accustomed to me.

The following day I returned with my son Nathan. We set up a carrier and waited. When the opportunity arose, Nathan was able to get Gingersnap into the carrier and we brought her back to the security of the sanctuary.

Spring 2003

After being at the sanctuary for several years and making many friends, Gingersnap has found a very good friend in Amos . They spend their days together exploring and grazing. At night they sleep snuggled next to each other.

Summer 2009

Gingersnap's ability to chew food had diminished so she recently went to the veterinarian and had some dental work performed. She has now joined the geriatric group, where she can eat at a more leisurely pace.

Gingersnap afraid of people -1999

A smiling Gingersnap [Sept 2009]

Gingersnap's friend Amos