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Winter 1997

I remember when Arrabelle came to us. She was so full of terror she couldn't even be fed because she would run off screaming. She had been forced to watch the slaughter of her herd. It took Arrabelle a long time to realize she is safe here. She, as those preceding her have done, watched how it was with the other pigs here.

She saw that only good things happen here. She saw that it was safe. Arrabelle now comes running to be with people. Many of the pigs' backgrounds are different but the story is the same. A terrified, untrusting pig who wants nothing to do with another human arrives and their life changes. They are treated with kindness and gentleness, and life becomes good.

Watching the transition is like witnessing a miracle. Sometimes it takes an incredible amount of love and patience because the fear is so great. Sometimes it is the little daily doses of kindness that do the trick. Sometimes it is what seems like 100 peanut butter sandwiches! In time they all turn around and bloom!

It is a wonderful thing to witness and be a part of. I've had people say how lucky the pigs are and I always respond: I'm the lucky one. Look in their faces and you will see.


Arrabelle cooling off on a hot summer day

Summer: 2003

Arrabelle is featured on the cover of the latest (Summer 2003) newsletter with the following article:

Arrabelle's life at the sanctuary is carefree. On hot summer days she's often seen cooling off in one of the ponds made for the pigs. Arrabelle came to the sanctuary years ago. She is not one of the "people greeter" pigs but we know how special she is.

She was rescued after living with a pig farmer who had a potbellied pig as a joke and would slaughter in front of her! She came to us so terrified she would scream when near people or just run away. We always respected Arrabelle's need to establish her own comfort level and I never thought I would be able to touch her. Some pigs are so fear filled or fearful they remain wild.

Life at the sanctuary is full of love, treats, friends and a gentle approach. To my surprise this past year after having lived here for years Arrabelle approached me to let me stroke her!

I may never win the lotto or travel the world but let me tell you there is nothing that compares to the gift that sweet pig gave me that day! The gift of full and total trust.

Thank you animal friends who support us. YOU make it possible for all the "Arrabelles" out there to find a way to a new life. Your support makes the difference.

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