Help the pigs
Edgar's broken foot

Spring 2010

The people who bought 6 week old piglet Edgar had him less than two weeks before he was injured. The story was that he had to be pulled out from under a fence. His foot was bent and swollen and he was unable to walk on it. They no longer wanted their broken piglet and dumped him at the animal shelter!!

The shelter called us for help. When I first saw Edgar and saw the pain in his eyes I didn't hesitate to take him. Immediate vet X-rays revealed a severely damaged foot with all the bones in the foot shattered!

This is not something that we can just 'fix'. Pigs are not like dogs or cats where you can just immobilize the foot with a cast. Pigs are built with much weight going to all 4 limbs. Edgar`s recovery at Pigs Peace Sanctuary is total confinement for 8 weeks while calcification happens and bones mend and he grows.

Edgar is happy and joyful in his recovery spot of attention in the house. Most important, He appears to have no pain.

Piglets Ella and Hamilton visit him numerous times each day.

Best case outlook is he will heal with a bent foot and a limp but he will have full use of his body and have a full life of friendship and care at Pigs Peace Sanctuary.

Judy  Edgar tells a joke 

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