Help the pigs

Spring 2000

Taken from her mother at a few weeks of age to be "bottle fed as the cute piglet", she lived on cornflakes for the first three months "to keep her size down" as per the breeder's suggestion. She lived in a second floor apartment with no place to put her nose in dirt, locked in a dog carrier for hours a day.

Today she has the whole sanctuary to explore, is never alone, is never locked up and snuggles each night with her new dear friends.


Spring 2011 update

Posh, now a senior pig, is receiving intensive care after surgery yesterday of a uterine tumor removal.

Spayed years ago, this is the first non-hormone induced tumor we know. Biopsy results were not good. Time will tell if we got it all.

Posh is recovering in the house on a bed of blankets and towels.


Posh with Bubba

Posh searching for apples

Posh recovering comfortably in the house after major surgery