Help the pigs
Peace at last for Amos & Scarlet

Fall 2002

Amos & Scarlet

Scarlet & Amos after arriving at the sanctuary

Imagine shaping a very large piece of wire into the shape of a roll (similar to a toilet paper roll) and putting a pig inside the middle, then wire on the ends to close the pig in. Of course the pig has no support and the legs fall through the wire bottom, but the pig is trapped.

This is how Amos and Scarlet were brought to and then dumped out of a truck at the end of the gate at a bird sanctuary. We were called to help.

Amos was very afraid and thus very aggressive and dangerous. Scarlet was so fat she could barely breathe let alone move. Both were covered from head to toe in lice and lice eggs. I could only imagine how they must have lived.

I wish I could describe the look on their faces when they came to the sanctuary. I watched as Scarlet filled her mouth with grass with a smile on her face as she looked about.

I realized how important our work of love is for unwanted pigs. Who would have cared about their two souls? Who else would understand and take them in? Scarlet was not a cute little pig, she was so extremely fat and Amos was so full of fear that he only knew how to strike out or run.

They needed a home with someone who understood, they needed Pigs Peace Sanctuary.

When you meet our new friends. You will see Scarlet on her way to a trimmer, healthier weight and Amos now comes running to happily greet all who bring treats. His anger at humans is a thing of the past.


Amos in March of 2005

Scarlet's story

Love and Friendship at the Sanctuary

Update Spring 2003

Amos and Scarlet were two rescued pigs who were living together. For years they had lived together and after a few months at the sanctuary we've discovered they don't like each other at all. Amos shines when he is around Gingersnap. They eat together, sleep together and hang out as partners together.

Gingersnap has been at the sanctuary for a few years with many friends, but no special friend until Amos.

Scarlet has an entire group of friends she eats and sleeps with, friends she has chosen to be with.

Amos and Scarlet came to us wrapped in wire and infested with lice. Gingersnap had been stuffed in a gunnysack and taken to a tavern for days. I can only imagine how they had lived. Today at the sanctuary they live carefree lives, enjoying love and friendship in peace.