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Wilbur's story

Winter 2011


Wilbur at the Arlington sanctuary (Fall 1998)

Wilbur was Pigs Peace Sanctuary's first official 'rescue'.

As a full grown, intact boar Wilbur was found running loose in the streets of the city.

Wilbur was picked up by Animal Control with a fatal end in sight -a quick death.

Research revealed it was common practice for Animal Control to take care of nuisance animals with a quick euthanasia. Potbellied pigs in the city are swine and are not put up for adoption.

After a safe neuter and quarantine Wilbur became a steadfast friend to the sanctuary's first pig Fern.

Wilbur lived a full 15 years at Pigs Peace Sanctuary teaching us about boar personality differences and acceptance. The sanctuary started with Wilbur and he welcomed all new comers with a gentle nature.


Wilbur in 2008

Wilbur in 2008