Help the pigs
Our wish list!
A new life

Help put a smile on
every face at the sanctuary

• Monthly committed donations. Make donations here…

• Towels

• Laundry detergent (to wash those towels!)

• Paper towels & Toilet Paper

• Banana chips, raisins, apples by the box, grapes

• Carrots:
    one 25 pound bag feeds one group of pigs
    eight 25 pound bags feeds all the pigs

Please do not bring grocery store produce trimmings.

• Soy milk for recovering pigs

• Flat cardboard cat scratches for our many barn cats

• Good quality non-clay cat litter

• Catnip toys

• Tofu and soymilk in aseptic packaging
    used for pigs recovering from surgery
    available at Vegan Haven

• Vegetarian dog biscuits
    available at Vegan Haven

• Postage stamps

• Uncooked pasta for special needs pigs

• Lowes or HomeDepot gift certificates
    always needed for repair work or projects

• Tree tea oil, by the bottle for skin treatment

• Monthly committed donations. Make donations here…

We need help wish list!

• Experienced painters

• Experienced sign makers

• Experienced carpenters, contractors and builders.

• Someone with a weed eater and a huge desire to weed eat!

• Garden and landscape weeding help.

• Fundraisers. Ideas are great but how about someone to DO IT !

Why put off till tomorrow what you can eat today.
— Miss Piggy