Help the pigs

Fall 2006

The desperate call came pleading for our assistance. Allison Watson, of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, called asking for help. They rescued a piglet from a horrendous place, but they know the sea life is not what's best for a pig. Would we help??

We love the Sea Shepherd and support all the work they have done for years and yes, of course we will help. Piglet "Allison" was a terrified tiny baby. When she arrived she appeared only weeks old. Barely able to eat solid food or regulate her own body temperature. The first days in the house she was sickly, with glazed over eyes and shivered non-stop. I suspect she would not have survived without Allison & Paul Watson's intervention to get her to the sanctuary.

(Hundreds of bites of peanut butter sandwiches and hours of moments of contact opened the heart of a traumatized animal.) It was only after she appeared strong enough to venture outside that I introduced our piglet friend to piglet Billy. It was then that I saw her thrive.... joyously!

This terrified little girl learned through Billy the pig that people are friends and he will be her best friend. This terrified little girl now comes running to the gate when she hears my car drive up, jumping and leaping in delight.


Allison recovers while living in the house


A healthy Allison outdoors and greeting visitors


Allison takes a break from rooting