Help the pigs

Winter 2005 / 2006

The frantic call asking for help came from a man who saw something swim out from a lake only to discover it was a young piglet who swam the entire 1/4 mile across the lake! Four adults and many hours later the terrified animal was safely secured when he started calling for help. Who would take a piglet? and keep it safe?

When I met Sophia my heart sank. She was a tiny baby. How she survived is amazing. She was smaller than a cat and scared of humans. My experience led me to believe that she lost her mother and family and was in search of them. She had no sense that humans could be trusted. What was I to do?

Baily to the Rescue

I knew Sophia would learn by watching Baily, an older piglet who feels safe and secure at the sanctuary …and learn she did.

The little girl who once ran away at the sight of a person now comes running in joy and anticipation. She followed Baily like a shadow watching with hesitation as he approached visitors, staying with him as he visited other pigs, and sleeping snuggled up next to Baily at night.


Meet Baily
Sophia's rescue
Update on Sophia & Baily
Sophia explores her new digs

Sophia and Baily
Baily the blind pig shows Sophia around