Help the pigs
Ben's story


Fall 1998

The other day as I drove through the gate to the sanctuary, pigs greeted me as they often do. Ben, the pig, was silly and playful. He jumped and spun in the air and then ran alongside my car with such glee in his movements that it brought pure joy to my heart to see this and to be part of it. A part of his bliss.

Nathan, my 15 year old son, and I were finishing up our day at 8:30 last night. As we were fixing fencing and making barn repairs, I told him about Ben and that it truly is for moments like this that I happily do all this work. Nathan then told me about yesterday when he had come home from school. Morton, the pig, came hopping and skipping down the driveway to greet him, just to walk the rest of the way with him. Moments of happiness.

Moments of bliss. Nathan was there when we rescued Ben and Morton from their previous life of confinement, starvation and fear. Nathan was there to help lift them into the truck on the way to the vet and he was there when they needed extra encouragement and patience to overcome years of mistrust. He sees in them what I see. These were the throw away animals in somebody's life and yet we look in those faces and see so much more. We see Ben and Morton ready to live, if only someone would care enough to help. We care and do help. Love always finds a way.

Spring 1998

"One of the ten." Ben was the first to go to the vet as his eye appeared to be gouged out. He is part "regular" pig and is a large gentle fellow. It took months of him watching the affection and care given to the other pigs before he would allow me to touch him. Now he comes running for attention. His eye was intact and healed nicely with proper medical care. To know Ben is to love Ben.

Charlotte and Ben

Charlotte and Ben, happy pals.