Help the pigs

Winter 1998


Sweet Annie

Annie had been dumped at the auction with a freshly broken leg. A conversation with her previous owners revealed that she had "ripped her ear half off" on barbed wire and had "poked her eye out" all without being given any veterinary care.

Can you imagine the unrelenting throbbing pain she had to endure? No longer of use with a broken leg, Annie was sent to the auction in hopes that the meat buyers would purchase her. Three times Annie went through the auction and was purchased by someone but each time she was returned without being helped. WHY??

When I met Annie her leg had healed crippled, she had bald spots from ringworm and was covered with lice. I got her so that she could receive veterinary care and if it was determined that she was in pain she would be humanely euthanized at home. The vet thought there was no reason for Annie to be put down and so she lives happily ever after at the sanctuary where she is loved. We no longer see Annie's deformities but only her zest for life.

Winter 2006

After a battle with cancer, Annie died quickly. We will miss her sweet nature.