Help the pigs
Mr. Belvedere

Spring 1998

When I first met the pig that was to become Mr. Belvedere, I realized that I had never before met an animal so full of rage and hate. He was at the livestock auction. When he saw a human he would charge at full force, ramming the fence repeatedly with teeth bared. He had no interest in food if there was a person in sight to attack. The meat man bid $1, and people laughed at me when I bid $2. I knew he had been horribly mistreated.

When he first came to the sanctuary, I questioned if it was possible to reach beyond the rage; he was ferocious. I had to believe with all my heart that loving kindness would make a difference. Every day he charged as I stood by his pen while visiting other pigs, giving them love and hands-on attention. He watched and watched. Gradually he was able to take a piece of food from my fingers without trying to take my whole hand. His return to wholeness continued.

Today, Mr. Belvedere is one of the group. He is a gentle fellow who will wait patiently for treats when visitors come. Few know of his past, but it just doesn't matter anymore because that is not who he is now.


Mr. Belvedere

Mr. Belvedere in the spring of 1998

Mr. Belvedere looking out over the pasture. [Summer 2009]

Mr. Belvedere