Help the pigs
Ginger's story

Fall 2003

Ginger was just skin and bones

Skin and bones, destined for the meat market.

Horses are commonly slaughtered for human meat consumption in Japan and France. Horses are also slaughtered for dog food in the USA. In those 'slaughter pens' Ginger knew her end was near. Judy's twin sister Jan has rescued horses for years. She has helped many and looked beyond Ginger's starved and scarred body and saw in her eyes the gentleness that was in her heart.

Ginger now lives at the sanctuary as a friend to Pilgrim the horse (also from the slaughter pen) and all her new pony and pig friends. Ginger was afraid of the pigs at first. She soon learned there was nothing to fear. When you see the scars you can only imagine what she survived. Today she runs and plays in the fields in grass as high as her belly.


A healthier Ginger

Healthy Ginger (left) with Pilgrim.