Help the pigs
A very young Fern
Fern was here at the beginning and
has welcomed each and every pig.

Summer 2010

Fern was my first potbellied pig and her gentle welcoming nature has been a strong foundation to Pigs Peace Sanctuary.

It was 17 years ago when Fern was young and I wanted to adopt a pig friend for her that I discovered what was happening to unwanted potbellied pigs.

As fad exotic pets they were often discarded like last year's fashion and most shelters refused to take them. They were classified as swine and a family pet would often be sent to the auction yards.

It was disturbing to think of someone as intelligent and sensitive as Fern having to go through the harsh treatment of the auction pens. More research revealed that pigs were being abandoned, abused and neglected with no one reaching out to help them. This was the genesis of Pigs Peace Sanctuary.

Fern has welcomed many scared and terrified pigs to Pigs Peace Sanctuary. She seemed to know instinctively who needed comfort and I would often find her snuggled next to a shy or frightened newcomer on their first days at Pigs Peace Sanctuary

Today Fern is a senior pig and enjoys her days at a slower pace. She may be up early ready for breakfast or a tasty grazing snack. Though naps are more frequent now she never wavers from welcoming each new pig. From tiny piglets in need of comfort and guidance to older pigs just rescued from abuse, afraid of people and frightened by unfamiliar surroundings.


Very gentle and welcoming Fern