Help the pigs
Betty Lou

Winter 2011

When she first unloaded off the horse trailer with the other rescued pigs from Montana I knew the pregnant looking belly was not a fat pig. The belly was so big she had to walk with both hind legs off to the side of the body just to move. Lying down and standing up was a chore and she sounded like she was snoring with every breath as the uterine tumor inside of her pushed against her lungs.

The urgently scheduled surgery required two veterinarians. One as a surgeon and another to hold the tumor and assist with blood loss.

Recovery would be difficult with an animal who will not let anyone within five feet of her.

She had to have a quiet, small pen to recover in. I knew she would feel stressed if isolated from her group. I assigned pig Pearl as her nurse. Pearl took the job seriously and after complete healing and recovery they have continued as steadfast friends.


Betty Lou

Betty Lou before surgery [Jan 2011].

Betty Lou after surgery [Mar 2011].

Betty Lou