Help the pigs
Jake's story


Winter 1997

Jake was found left abandoned in an empty house living in a bedroom with no food or water. Elvis the pig was left with him but was locked in a closet. Both were brought to live at the sanctuary. Jake now helps with chores, breaks up pig fights and with his always happy nature is is a good P.R. guy for the sanctuary.

Summer 2000

Jake has a huge job at the sanctuary. Besides greeting visitors, carrying sticks, eating and being an all around good guy, Jake is the best referee in town. He not only breaks up pig fights to keep peace at the sanctuary but also breaks up chicken fights. The best part is that he does it by running through the fight to disburse it. He appears magically and dashes between disgruntled bodies and then streaks off to have fun somewhere else. What a great guy to have around.

Fall 2004

Jake has welcomed many visitors to the sanctuary with his happy outlook on life. Sadly Jake was diagnosed with hemangio sarcoma last year and recently passed away.