Help the pigs

Excerpt from our Home for Life documentary.


Winter 2005 / 2006

Born blind, as a small piglet he was found wandering in a horse pasture in the Kitsap Peninsula. No one knew where he came from. He was destined for the auction and slaughter bound ...until Pigs Peace Sanctuary. Baily came to us with many challenges. The initial feelings were of relief ...a small lost, blind piglet found his way to this sanctuary full of love for pigs. Then within the first week Baily suffered a severe brain infection causing him to turn circles and scream non-stop for hours.

The initial joy of rescuing Baily turned to despair as our love for him confronted decisions about what would be the compassionate way to help him. Happily his body responded to our only medical intervention and he thrived until one of his blind eyeballs rotated within the eye socket causing urgent surgery and removal of the eye. Baily recovered in the house for weeks as he required intensive nursing care.

When you visit today you may notice the areas of lawn torn apart by Baily's snout in search of a sweet tender morsel when he was able to explore and enjoy the outside. He totally recovered and grew up with no sense of limitations. He can hear footsteps hundreds of yards away and comes running. He lives with a boundless joy for what life has to offer and greets all visitors with intense enthusiasm as new friends.

When Baily was a young piglet in the house he would chew all shoelaces to untie them. Now he is growing into a large 900 lb. boy wanting to do the same. We must help him learn how much bigger he is to people and the respect that grows in both directions.

Baily has been extremely helpful to Sophia the piglet, who came to us terrified of humans. Baily's accomplished job was to teach Sophia that people are friends to know. Both Baily and Sophia live side by side. She lives as his eyes and comes running alerting Baily of visitors or treats in store. They explore the meadow together and sleep snuggled close in the soft hay.

We are blessed to have both as dear friends of the sanctuary. Every animal is unique, valued and immensely loved for who they are in the world!

Baily in October 2008

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