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Oliver resting in the grass

Summer 2007

In July Oliver arrived. A couple got him at 6 weeks to raise up to butcher. After a few weeks with him they fell in love and they not only decided not kill him but to make sure that he had a happy life. They named him "Vegan" and they stopped eating pork!!! YEAH!! The power of a single pig!!

He is here at the sanctuary now. He never came to the name Vegan, but when I called him Oliver he looked right at me and came directly. Oliver it is. Oliver is 4 months old.

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Oliver was raised as a piglet to be butchered out at 6 months of age, but he made such a difference in the hearts of his people that they stopped eating meat and wanted to keep him alive. They had to move, so found a safe place for him to live at Pigs Peace Sanctuary.

Oliver is forever grateful that Pigs Peace Sanctuary welcomed him and gave him a happy life.

Oliver’s secret wish is that someone will fall in love with his giant self and his big tusks and sponsor him as an adult, all grown up and a bigger version of that cuteness that he was.

Oliver’s special sanctuary spot is beside special friends after breakfast as they decide where they will explore. Every day he is part of a group that lie down for several minutes of conversation before the day gets busy.

Oliver’s most delicious treats are pumpkins in the fall and corn on the cob in late summer. What a taste explosion that only happens a short time every year.

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Oliver fully grown

Oliver standing in the grass

Curious Oliver

Oliver looking into the camera

A young Oliver and Bunny

Oliver and Bunny