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Scarlet after arriving at the sanctuary

Scarlet trims up

Summer 2003 Newsletter


Scarlet had already lost weight when this picture was taken. Scarlet came to us so fat she could barely stand and walk. She slept constantly as she had no energy to move.

Scarlet after losing 50 lbs.


Life at the sanctuary has helped her naturally lose about 50 pounds. She has energy and is often exploring. Today Scarlet is much healthier but regrets that she didn't save a pair of her big girl pants in case she gets a chance to show Atkins that there is a better way to lose weight… without eating meat!

Scarlet enjoys a pumpkin

Scarlet enjoying a pumpkin 2009


Fall 2009


Scarlet is now one of our senior pigs and in very good health. She still loves to roam and explore -but her favorite is finding a nice sunny spot and stretching out on the ground, soaking in the warm sunlight.


Amos and Scarlet

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