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Daisy & Tony

Spring 2009

Born as runts to a local pig farmer, Daisy and Tony came to Pigs Peace Sanctuary at 2 days of age!

Piglets are born with their eyes open, with hair, baby teeth and are able to walk and run. They are still fragile infants. Newborn piglets cannot regulate their own body temperature and must be warm at 90° to 95° for their first 9 days.

These two are bottle fed every hour around the clock. They started life as many piglets have, in the house with sanctuary founder Judy Woods, receiving constant love and care at Pigs Peace Sanctuary.

Daisy and Tony will get a start on health and life as infants at Pigs Peace Sanctuary and then live a full life at New Dawn MT Sanctuary in Montana.

We have the expertise, experience and dedication to pigs. It is at Pigs Peace Sanctuary many start a life or recover from abuse. No one knows pigs as well as we do.

Your support continues this much needed and valuable work.

Pig kisses to you!

Daisy and Tony

Bottle feeding Daisy & Tony every hour.

Daisy on the porch

Daisy exploring the porch.

Tony and Daisy playing in the grass.
Willow starts to explore