Help the pigs
Montana Bunch

Winter 2011

Calls come daily to us with requests to take in pigs. The unwanted and un-adoptable are welcomed here.

A Montana large animal sanctuary was in dire condition and being closed down. All 1200 animals were being relocated including seven potbellied pigs.

The llamas got homes, the horses, goats, sheep, but who would take the pigs? They are over 15 years old, obese with hooves in need of trimming and very timid and shy. No one offered to take even one or two. People don't typically want a pig who is not friendly and won't let you touch it. For us to say yes I knew it would be specialized housing for a bonded group, all in need of veterinary care as soon as they arrived.

These pigs were very obese and very malnourished after years of inadequate nutrition. All but one was afraid of people and would scatter if approached to feed them. Scatter as a "I can't move" pig means waddle very fast! Pretty sad to see. They just did not know they were safe.

Due to their age and need for emotional and physical help they became part of "the yard bunch". Fencing was moved and the bed they slept in opened to lush grass behind the vegetable garden. Exercise was walking through an orchard on the way to breakfast every day where they could eat with other senior pigs in the yard. Time helps the healing. Time to know quality food is daily. Attention is frequent and kindness abundant.


Montana Bunch

Montana bunch arrive at their new pasture.

Judy sheparding the Montana Bunch from the transport to their barn.

Montana Bunch