Help the pigs
Kirby functionally blind
Kirby arrived so overweight that the fat
around his eye sockets block his vision.

Kirby functionally blind
After proper diet & exercise Kirby
now lives an active and healthy life.

Summer 2010

When Animal Control authorities called for help with a potbellied pig suffering severe neglect I did not hesitate to say yes to helping and welcoming Kirby.

Kirby was discovered living in half of a horse trailer. This 3x5 foot area was his prison for over 2 years!

He was overfed and his body ballooned to double what it should be. Kirby's healthy weight for his size should be about 145 lbs. He came to us weighing over 300 lbs!! This weight is on a body the size of a Cocker Spaniel and no doubt painful onhis feet and joints making it difficult to walk.

Kirby has difficulty getting up and must be rolled gently to help position him up.

The greatest tragedy of Kirby's condition is that he is functionally blind. The density and volume of fat has closed off around his eyes. There are two inches deep of fat to open to see if he has eyes! His body was his prison of immobility and darkness. Imagine being confined, unable to move about and blind. Nothing to do all day.

Recovery will be slow and steady and worth all the effort! Kirby will lose weight and will see again. We will keep you updated.

To help with his severe depression and despair from neglect I immediately started his new life at Pigs Peace Sanctuary with random and frequent contact with an unexpected treat. It may be two grapes and thirty minutes later an apple slice. Twenty minutes later a tummy scratch. The list goes on. All day, every day something good is coming and Kirby doesn't know when.

When first to Pigs Peace Sanctuary I had to wake him up with each contact. It may take 2,000 contacts of attention, maybe more before he is awake in anticipation for what is next.

Kirby will one day be the pig he was meant to be at Pigs Peace Sanctuary. Active with a healthy body and up early exploring the day with many pig friendships.


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Kirby’s life before Pigs Peace Sanctuary was utter loneliness and despair. He lived locked in ½ of a horse trailer for 2.5 years growing so fat he was blind and could not move. He was 100 lbs. overweight!

Kirby is forever grateful to have his eyesight back and a trim and fit body to move with.

Kirby’s special sanctuary place is in the yard in the fall under an apple tree.

Kirby’s favorite fun game is running faster than the other pigs to be the first one to get a dropped apple under a tree.

Kirby’s favorite sanctuary visitors bring treats from the wish list and stop to talk to him.

Kirby wants a sponsor who celebrates his weight loss victory of over 120 lbs., going from a guy who had to be rolled to get up, to someone who runs for joy.

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A very happy Kirby loves the sound of Judy's voice.

Judy & Kirby