Help the pigs

Spring 2004

Who would give a 77 year old woman a piglet for a Christmas present??

Certainly not someone who thought about what was best for the piglet or the amount of work involved with taking care of a small, young animal.

Pickle's short life was spent living alone in a small cemented area behind a house. She was too much work for the older woman and clearly not the easy house pet she wanted. Pickles was shy and timid when she first came to the sanctuary.

We immediately had her live in the house among people and animals for the first few weeks to help calm her fears. She quickly became the inquisitive , friendly girl we now know.

Once she was out and about among the other pigs she became a steadfast friend to piglet Winston. Now if you see Pickles you will see Winston as she never leaves his side. Her lonely, isolated start in life is now only a memory. Where would she be without our help?

Summer 2009

Pickles is still very inquisitive and friendly. She and Winston are both very social and have many friends now. Pickles loves to explore.


Pickles -July 2009


Pickles, spring 2004

Pickles, summer 2009