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July 2006

Carmelita arrives at the sanctuary
Carmelita the day she arrived at the sanctuary -July 2006

Carmelita arrived today during a work party, brought by people who reported finding her near the highway. She is in good health but is extremely aggressive. She charges and tries to bite anyone she can reach.

All pigs are quarrantined when they first arrive for medical purposes -for observation and to prevent the spread of disease to the rest of the pigs. They are also separated to give them a chance to get acquanted with their new home without the stress of interacting with new and curious pigs.

Carmelita also needs to be quarrantined due to her aggressive behaviors.


Spring 2009

Over a period of several months Carmelita became much more social and moved to the main herd. Today her aggressive behaviors are gone and she loves receiving attention and affection from visitors.

While Carmelita has become friends with all the other pigs, she has not established a close relationship with any one pig or group of pigs.

Carmelita is one of the few pigs who does come into the yard occassionally to graze on the lawns and greet visitors. She has blossomed from a very frightened and aggressive pig into a sweet and gentle friend to all the other pigs.


A very friendly and affectionate Carmelita -Spring 2009

Friendly Carmelita in the pasture