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When first here Elsie had painful, labored breathing sick with pneumonia. She was trialed with a second antibiotic after no recovery with a week of injections. After two weeks and a third powerful antibiotic her pneumonia was gone and she was able to survive anesthesia for x-rays of her damaged leg.

When she fell off the truck onto the highway she must have landed on her hip. The x-rays showed a severely broken and shattered hip that is irreparable.

The prognosis is extremely poor with Elsie being crippled her entire life.

After x-ray she was sent home to total confinement in the house for 8 weeks. Her only hope for any type of healing is to be non weight bearing for 8 weeks.

A fast growing farm piglet in the middle of the living room is work and a joy.

May 2012

Elsie just had follow up x-rays with the worst results. My heart sank as I saw the x-ray and listened to the veterinarians recommendation of euthanasia now. I was told Elsie will never be able to walk well, her good leg will break down trying to support the entire body. Pigs are genetically built with too much weight supporting all four limbs. They grow fast and as she grows large it will be unbearable. They are not like other species.

I brought Elsie back home to the sanctuary with the intent of giving her a life as a happy piglet with the others. She will have the best life she can until her body and her spirit say no more. This is all so sad to think about. Today I will do the best I can to give her joy.

July 2012

Our veterinarian who last saw Elsie at her X-ray clinic appointment has follow up assessment at the sanctuary. He watches her walk and run here with no limitations and is astounded in her ability to ambulate. He says her X-ray tells us she should not be walking. Elsie tells us different. She can run?? Remarkable!

Your support of Elsie and Pigs Peace Sanctuary is a shout out Yes for the value of her life!


Elsie when she first arrived

Elsie Update

Elsie after one month of recovery.

Elsie's broken hip.