We've Got Names!
Some of the names submitted:
  • Henry & Larry
  • Oreo & Cotton Candy
  • Malcolm & Angus
  • Winston
  • Lenny & Squiggy
  • Oreo
  • Neapolitan
  • Arlo & Jeremiah
  • Sammy & Herman
  • Moonbeam & Quincy
  • Oreo & Peaches

Thanks for all the name suggestions. Judy reviewed the names with us several times by calling out the names every once in a while and seeing which names we responded to -so we got to pick out our own names!

To name us you could donate $25 for one name, or $50 to name us both.

Pigs Kisses to You!

Our story

I'm the smaller, black and white male pig who is reserved, gentle, intelligent, respectful, faithful, handsome and clever with a charming personality.
My name is Arlo!
I'm the larger, pink male pig who is curious, friendly, bold, inquisitive, playful and energetic.
My name is Herman!

Our two new friends

Arlo and Herman

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