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Reflections on the Fire
Judy Woods.
By Judy Woods
Pigs Peace Sanctuary
Fire spread through the bathroom.

The bathroom.

Words can not begin to describe the horror I felt as I stood in the dark of night watching the smoke billow from the building engulfed in flames. It was an experience like no other as I witnessed years of work destroyed in moments.

The morning daylight brought a sick feeling deep inside of me as I walked among the charred timbers and ashes of the Center. This was not just a building that burned, but the heart of the sanctuary in a tangible form. Education of compassion to all animals is so much of what this sanctuary stands for that it is half of our mission statement.

Now I am faced not only with the daunting task of the cleanup, but also with the impact of losing this important building. All the school groups scheduled to visit the sanctuary had to be cancelled, and I wonder about the children who will miss an opportunity to connect to the animals. This is the one place where you meet a pig as a friend and learn about their love of life. This is the one place where you meet a pig as a someone, not as a something.

Fire in the kitchen.

Fire damage in the kitchen.

Two days after the fire on a typical visiting Sunday the loss was especially profound, as I had no newsletters or literature to pass out. The loss of a bathroom for visitors and volunteers as well as a warm resting spot for volunteers to sit and enjoy soup and tea. This building housed our kitchen where wonderful potlucks after each work party were hosted and where all would share not only food but the community of each other.

As awful as all this has been I live everyday with gratitude for what we did not lose. No one was injured during the fire. The mission of the sanctuary will continue with the animals. We receive calls daily of animals in need. We will continue this important work of love. We will continue the education of compassion to all.

Yes we will rebuild, but we need help to make this happen. The building was insured but it will cost more to rebuild than we will receive and for that I worry.

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Fire destroyed the roof.

The roof destroyed by fire.